Aviation Pathways & Partnerships


The Department of Aviation has established airline and industry partnerships to provide our students direct pathways into the industry.

The aviation pathway programs at Hampton University start the process to introducing our students to not only career opportunities, but also the culture of aviation through mentorships and networking in the aviation and airlines industry. 



United Aviate Pathway Program

The United Aviate program provides Aviation students a direct route to flying with United Airlines. Upon successful completion of the Aviate program, selected students transition to United as a First Officer, pending they meet all hiring requirements.     

For more information, visit United Aviate.


Delta Propel

Propel Collegiate Pilot Path Program

The Delta Propel program is open to Juniors, Seniors, and Flight Instructors who graduated within the previous 6 months at a partner university such as Hampton. Upon completion of all requirements, successful candidates will be provided a Qualified Job Offer (QJO) detailing a defined path and an accelerated timeline to become a Delta pilot.

For more information, visit: Delta Propel



JetBlue University Gateway Program

Founded in 2007, the University Gateway Program provides our Aviation students an opportunity as first officers with JetBlue. Once accepted, students follow one of three prescribed paths to gain experience and build their flight time. Provided they meet all program requirements and pass required background and other related checks, those in the program will join JetBlue as first officers and will not be required to complete any additional JetBlue interviews.

For more information visit: University Gateway — JetBlue Pilot Gateway Programs



Rick Aviation is our flight training partner at Newport News/Williamsburg International airport. Upon graduation, our Flight Education students are guaranteed an interview to work at Rick Aviation as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) to continue building flight hours.