Laboratories and Equipment

Laboratories and EquipmentAirplane Simulator Laboratory

Airplane simulators, located in Room 254 of the Science & Technology Building, are for use by Hampton University Aviation Department students and faculty. Students working toward an Instrument or Instrument Instructor rating will have scheduling priority. Any aviation student, after a simulator check-out by a departmental instructor, may use the simulators.


Air Traffic Control (ATC) Laboratories

Students operating some of the AT Coach Radar Simulators in the Department of Aviation. These state-of-the-art devices can realistically simulate complex radar operations in both the en route and terminal environments. The simulators are networked together, and permit students to practice controller and pilot interaction scenarios. They are used for several courses in the Air Traffic Control Management concentration of Aviation Management.

Located on the second floor of Whipple Barn is a multi-position AT Coach Radar Simulation Laboratory with four full-fidelity simulators (complete with associated Pseudo-Pilot positions) and ten part-task simulators. The equipment may be configured to simulate an enroute or terminal environment, and has the capability to operate stand-alone or networked in a common scenario.

A Control Tower Laboratory is located adjacent to the AT Coach Laboratory in Whipple Barn, where a tabletop model of an airport is located. Included in the tower lab are numerous scale aircraft models and a control tower mockup. Students utilize two-way radios to communicate between those "flying" the aircraft and the positions in the tower.

Access to either lab is normally restricted to students taking ATC courses during regularly scheduled classes/labs unless other arrangements are made. Visitors are required to obtain a faculty escort. Due to the nature of the equipment, labs are kept locked when not in use.

Sharing space with the Aviation Computer Lab in Room 257 of the Science & Technology Building is a SCICON ATC Laboratory which contains part-task trainers. Student access may be obtained during normal operating hours by obtaining a key from the office. Adjoining room 257 is a SCICON full-fidelity ATC Radar Simulator which is used in AVN 405 - Radar Air Traffic Control.


FAA Testing Laboratory

Hampton University's Aviation Department is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to administer FAA computerized written tests. The facility is on-line and located in Room 263 of the Science & Technology Building. Establishment of this facility allows students to complete their computerized required FAA exams on campus.