Scholarships and Internships

A compilation of aviation scholarships is maintained in the department office, and are available from the secretary for review by any interested student. Scholarships are kept in the following documents.

  • The Collegiate Aviation Scholarship Listing - issued by the University Aviation Association and includes information on application procedures, financial aid considerations, amounts, and deadlines. Information about aviation loan programs is also included. Scholarships are grouped under the following headings:
    • Airport-Related Scholarships
    • Air Traffic Control/Airways Scholarships
    • Aviation in General (including Aviation Management)
    • Avionics/Aircraft Electronics Scholarships
    • Mechanic (A&P) Scholarships
    • Pilot Scholarships
    • Special Group Scholarships
    • SAME/SEC AAAE Scholarship (American Association of Airport Executives). HU is designated as one of several universities eligible to receive the scholarship. A total of ten scholarships are available in the southeast region.
    • AMAC (Airport Minority Advisory Council) Scholarship

An annual HBCU Eisenhower Fellowship offered through the Federal Highway Administration to rising seniors preparing for careers in transportation is also available. Contact the department chair during the Fall semester for details on the current status of this important fellowship.